A Term in Love: Chapter 39 Part 1

Rachel’s Point of View:

Retreating back upstairs away from the stress of my curious family, Jack and I hide in my room, closing the door behind us.

“See? That wasn’t so bad,” I say to Jack, plopping down on my bed and lying back, looking at the ceiling. He scoffs and takes the place next to me on the bed.

“I think you’re dad sees me as a homeless, bearded pedophile that has traveled across the ocean to steal away his little girl in order to sell her into the sex trade,” Jack mumbles, putting his hands over his face.

“Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing here…” I sit up and give him the most serious face I could muster. He shakes his head and chuckles, resting back on the bed. I turn over on my stomach and prop myself up on my elbows so I’m looking down at him.

“My dad is wrong,” I whisper, bringing my hand to push hair off of his forehead. I touch his soft cheek and run my thumb across his jaw before continuing my point.

“You could never grow a beard.” I press my lips together, holding in the urge to laugh immediately. He makes a dramatic frowning face, pretending to cry.

“Don’t remind me!” Jack whimpers, putting his hands to his face to cover where a beard would normally grow. I burst into laughter.  

“Aw, it’s okay. I like the more boyish looking men, anyways,” I say, grinning at him. He begins to laugh.

“Is that so? Who’s the pedophile now, Rach?” It’s my turn to frown at him.

“That’s not fair! You know what I meant!” I roll my eyes at him and push myself up off the bed. I grab my laptop off of my desk and return the bed, sitting next to Jack and turning on my computer.

“I think Lily emailed me.” I open up my mail inbox and sure enough, I have one new message from Lily. The subject line reads “News!”


As you definitely remember, my ‘rents (and Andrew) are here. It’s been a bit hectic running between Finn’s fam and my own. Andrew’s 22nd birthday is next week, too! Anyways, I think my parents like Finn (they might rethink that after what we tell them), and Andrew and he hung out all day yesterday to have a “man talk.” Not sure what that means. I don’t trust them to behave. Speaking of behaving, Finn and I have some news to share! Can you and Jack Skype us tomorrow?

Sending our love from the island!


                I read the email out loud to Jack and he quirks his eyebrow at the mention of their ‘news.’ I quickly respond, letting Lily know that Jack and I will be free to Skype tomorrow around noon.

Author’s Note:

 I hope you guys enjoyed this short little part 1 of chapter 39. Any guesses for what the news may be? 

Stay tuned for Part 2! xoxo